Insulation Retailer and Installer from Gibbon, Minnesota

Fiberglass Batting & Waterproof Coating

We're proud to offer high-quality fiberglass batting for sidewalls as well as ceiling insulation for those clients who want their projects given an extra dose of TLC and maintenance. If it's your basement that needs a little extra help, try our basement waterproof coating service, a surefire way to keep unwanted water out. 

Insulation Removal Services

Sometimes it's better to just start from the beginning, and that's exactly what our insulation removal services will help you do. Upon your scheduled service, we thoroughly vacuum out every last bit of insulation from walls, attics, and other areas in need.

Tank Installation

We offer tank installation services for a large number of different tanks, be it liquid-filled or another material. Trust our established company to handle all of your important insulation and tank installation-related projects.

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Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. |  Licensed with the State of Minnesota as a Contractor 

About Us

Northern Insulation Products, located in Gibbon, Minnesota, is an insulation wholesaler, retailer, and installer servicing Gibbon and surrounding areas. If you have insulation issues, let us put our expertise to work and get you where you need to be—complete and total insulation worry-free.

Foam Insulations

We specialize in insulation installations, and are proud to offer both open and closed cell polyurethane foam insulations. Start saving money on your utility bills by scheduling an appointment for our up-to-date insulation services today.